You can see our Service Agreement document for Manual Payments by reading this PDF document.

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are stating that:

Refund policy:

You may not buyback, stop, credit the server by any means necessary in order to receive your funds back that of which have been paid. Furthermore, you recognise that in doing so we reserve the right to disallow your continued play on the server/forums and not allow further funds to be added or taken away. Moreover, we reserve the right to pursue any legal or collection action necessary to recover damages in the event of a forced charge-back.

In the event that:

contact us within 24 hours of your purchase so that the issue can be resolved. This resolution may be in the form of reimbursement including but not limited to:

Please note that the Terms & Conditions may change at any time, with or without notification to you, and if this is the case, by continuing to use our services, you accept any changes to our TOS.

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